Pewsey Vale Riesling

Pairs well with: English style fish and chips (but that could be biased)

A common misconception is that Riesling wines are always sweet – however, this isn’t always the case. With a lot more acidity and fruit, as opposed to residual sugar; this wine is great for pairing.

The Fun: This Riesling is fresh, zesty, and bone-dry. We found it to have intense aromas of lime, lemon, green apple, a chalky mineral character, and hints of apricot and elderflower. The flavours are equally intense and along the same lines, with light herbal and white pepper notes, leading to a moderately long, zesty, citrusy finish. It is medium bodied, with high acidity, and a slightly creamy texture. Our guess is that it could age nicely for upwards of five years, which should let it develop more honeyed, stone-fruit notes.

The Facts: 2016 Vintage – 100% Riesling – Eden Valley, Australia – Single Estate Vineyard

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