Tom Gore Chardonnay

Pairs well with: Chardonn-yay – I finally found a Chardonnay that I like.

Personally, I find that Chardonnay can be either too oaky, or not oaky enough – or sometimes taste like a different varietal altogether. However, after this – I could consider moving to the Chardonnay-side.

The Fun:  The balance between fruit and oak character in this wine is impressive for what could be considered an “entry-level”, value-priced chardonnay.  It has aromas and flavours of pear, red apple, vanilla, popcorn, lemon, and cream.  It has a soft, creamy texture, and a fresh acidity which gives it great balance.  It is medium-bodied, and has a fairly long, toasty, creamy finish.

The Facts: 2016 Vintage – Chardonnay/a small percentage of Sauvignon Blanc – California, United States

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