Filarino Sangiovese Rosé

Pairs well with: Riding old-fashioned bicycles up mountains of corks.

This wine is the perfect denial that it’s getting cooler outside; whether that be because bike season is coming to an end, or because of it’s fresh and fruity character. 

The Fun:  The aroma of this rosé is a bit unusual, in that it smells more of citrus (lemon/lime) than red fruit, though there is a hint of strawberry and cherry.  In the mouth, the flavours are ripe strawberry, watermelon, sage, white pepper, and lemon zest.  It is light and super crisp, with fresh acidity.  While it is fruity, it doesn’t come across as sweet at all.  The finish is medium-long with hints of spices and red fruit.

The Facts:  2016 Vintage – Sangiovese – Romagna, Italy

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