Serendipity Pinot Noir

Pairs well with:  Being thankful toward the many grapes that go into wine.

We spent this weekend being thankful for family, friends, and each other. A part of our time was spent learning how to make a turkey dinner with everything from roasted bacon to cranberry sauce – and this wine captures all of that, all in one bottle. Thankfully it wasn’t corked.

The Fun:  This wine has fragrant aromas of cranberry, cherry, cinnamon, dried flowers, white pepper, vanilla, and a light earthy hint of beets and potting soil.  In the mouth, there is plenty of bright red fruit, followed by chocolate and vanilla, which give a sense of richness and lead into a long, elegant finish of cinnamon, dried flowers, and some more earth and spice.  It is medium-bodied, with moderate acidity and soft, silky tannins.

The Facts: Fruity, Soft 🍷 – Pinot Noir 🍇 – British Columbia, Canada 🌎

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