Gruber Röschitz St. Laurent Rosé

Pairs well with:  Watching for the tiny helpers that know how to hide out of sight of a microscope

An organic wine that makes having that second, and even third glass – dangerously easy. Each grape is cultivated in its own micro-cosmos, which is what makes them all so unique; just like the tiny helpers!

The Fun:  This deeply coloured dry rosé is fruity, crisp, and spicy.  It smells like maraschino cherry, cranberry, strawberry, white pepper, cinnamon, and orange zest.  When tasted, it is similar, with the sweet and sour fruit and spicy hints complemented by a touch of almond and a biscuity note.  It has a bit more body than many rosés, a smooth texture, plenty of acidity, and a moderately long finish.  Overall, it is unusual, tasty, and vibrant!

The Facts:  Fruity, Spicy 🍷 – St. Laurent 🍇 – Niederosterreich, Austria 🌍

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