Beaumont Heritage

Pairs well with:  Listening to, and playing music – while drinking wine at the same time.

Each label from this winery has a musical reference on the back, this one for example says: “music celebrates wine”. Certified organic and a blend of two lighter bodied grapes, this winery was a good find when we were in the Okanagan over the Summer!

The Fun:  This blend of pinot noir and gamay pours a pale ruby colour with a garnet hue.  It has aromas of cherry, cranberry, white pepper, rhubarb, cinnamon, vanilla, dried flowers, and a bit of earthiness.  The flavours are very similar, with a delicate balance of tart red fruit, spices, and earthiness, and some warm, toasty vanilla coming back on the finish.  It is fairly light bodied, with soft tannins and lively acidity.

The Facts: Fruity, Soft 🍷 – Pinot Noir/Gamay 🍇 – British Columbia, Canada 🌎

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