Umé Japanese Plum

Pairs well with: Making a comeback, and trying new things

At first glance, you would maybe assume that “Umé” was the winery of production – since such is the way with most wine labels. However, it’s actually the name of the specific Japanese species of plum used in this wine. This fruit is steeped in neutral spirit and sugar – and can be drank alone, or mixed with soda water; there’s even recipes to mix it with tea!

The Fun:  While technically a liqueur due to the process this is made with, this fruit beverage drinks like a semi-sweet wine (it’s 10% ABV).  It has an aroma of ripe plum, golden apple, apple juice, and baking spices.  In the mouth it is similar, but there is some alcohol warmth and a bit of a pure alcohol taste, which fits in quite pleasantly.  It has substantial sweetness that is balanced by the acidity and alcohol warmth.  The flavours linger pleasantly and for quite a while.

The Facts:  Fruity, Semi-Sweet 🍷 – Plum Wine 🍶 – Japan 🌏

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