Ancient Hill Rosé

Pairs well with: It’s almost “officially” rose season!

Ancient Hill winery focuses on the interconnections between the elements of nature that are needed to create their wine – the eternal life of a vineyard; from plantation, to growth, to nutrients, to harvest.
The wines are considerably more European in style, with this wine being a blend of predominantly Germanic varietals.

The Fun: This rosé is toward the darker end of the rosé colour spectrum with its deep pink appearance.  It has a fairly intense and fragrant nose of ripe red cherry, rose petals, strawberry, baking spices, orange zest, and light herbal hints.  The flavours follow with a lovely mix of bitter, sweet, and spicy, featuring prominent notes of cranberry and cinnamon, which take their time fading to gentle, ripe strawberry.  The off-dry sweetness level of this medium-bodied rosé is balanced by medium-high acidity and very light tannins.  Very unique and refreshing!

The Facts: Off-dry, Aromatic 🍷 – Zweigelt/Gewurtztraminer/Baco Noir 🍇 – British Columbia, Canada 🌎

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