Ancient Hill Rosé

Pairs well with: It’s almost “officially” rose season! Ancient Hill winery focuses on the interconnections b

Tarot Grenache

Pairs well with: “I see more wine in your future – but because it’s the Death card, plan on switching to whi

Cave de Lugny Crémant de Bourgogne Brut Cuvée Millésimé

Pairs well with: HAPPY NEW YEAR!🎉 What better way to bring in the New Year than sparkling wi

Umé Japanese Plum

Pairs well with: Making a comeback, and trying new things At first glance, you would maybe assume that “Umé” was

Beaumont Heritage

Pairs well with:  Listening to, and playing music – while drinking wine at the same time. Each label from this winery

Gruber Röschitz St. Laurent Rosé

Pairs well with:  Watching for the tiny helpers that know how to hide out of sight of a microscope An organic wine that make

Serendipity Pinot Noir

Pairs well with:  Being thankful toward the many grapes that go into wine. We spent this weekend being thankful for family, f

Filarino Sangiovese Rosé

Pairs well with: Riding old-fashioned bicycles up mountains of corks. This wine is the perfect denial that it’s getting

Weszeli Terrafactum Langenlois Gruner Veltliner

Pairs well with: “I don’t always buy wine with cute animals on it, but when I do…” Ground squirrels a

The Fableist Merlot

Pairs well with: Teaching the moral of never taking pity on a scoundrel. The Fableist wines are based on Aesop’s fables